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Afford Pharmaceuticals have rich experience of so many years has enabled us to Repack, supply and trade of Hydrogen Peroxide Solution, Heavy Liquid Paraffin IP, Glycerin IP, Glycerin CP, Turpentine Oil BP, Castor Oil IP, Eucalyptus Oil IP, Clove Oil, Formaline Solution, Rubbing Isopropyl Alcohol (70% W/V), Rose Water, Boric Acid IP, Zinc Oxide IP, Sodium Bicarbonate IP, Purified Talcum IP, Potesium Permanganate, Magnesium Sulphate IP, Guar Gum IP, Citric Acid Monohydrate IP, Potessium Meta Bisulphate, Glucose-D, Glucose-C, Honey, Isapgol husk Powder based in India. We are With our wide experience and expertise in this sector we are also able to provide repacking and trading services for Pharma Related Chemicals And Other General Industrial Chemicals. Our range finds application in pharmaceutical, hospitals, retail, domestic and various different industries.

Our commodious infrastructure facility houses manufacturing unit, quality check unit and administrative building. Owing to these units we are able to smoothly undertake manufacturing of bulk orders for our range that is produced using high quality raw material. All our products are in line with the quality parameters of (Indian Pharmacopoeia). Our repacking and trading services have also earned us a wide client base as we provide packaging which is tough and wear & tear proof and protect products during shipments.